Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Polynesian triangle of countries ( Brernard Mangakahia Performance )

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Kia ora blogging world!!,

Today this wonderful person called Brenard Mangkahia. He has really cool dancing moves it is so awesome!!! He had a really cool past and  I could be at his show all day!! He was talking about The Polynesian triangle. He was really convincing for me to  start dancing. He is really active in  everything that he does. I have seen him two times. I was so excited to see him again because he is so cool!! He was looking for some volunteers, to do a Poi  dance,but he didn't want someone that keep saying" Pick me ". You had to look at him like you really want it. So I got CHOSEN YAY!! but it was really hard to copy him with the poi 

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