Friday, 18 August 2017

All about toolkit

In the morning I went to toolkit ( in Miss Fortes’s car). I was really excited to go and meet new people.. We went to get our badges and then we went in the hall. We played with a little ball name a spero we had a race and the teachers were so funny. After it was morning tea and I was really scared because I didn't know anyone there.. The first I did we Pow Toon. It is a game where you make animation about anything and then the second time I went to do code-transfer fee. It is a code game when you code and make colors and shapes. And then it was lunch time it was so much fun I meet some of my old friends and played with new people. The we went in the hall again and then we did a game called the problem solving game. And then we had a lady pick out ours and my name was called out to get a prize and I got a chrome cast - 2..o and my friend got a spero and then we went back to school.
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