Monday, 21 May 2018

Pacific Ring Of Fire

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This term I have been learning about volcano's!! If you didn't know that Mt Kilauea is currently erupting, and it is kinda of scary because of you didn't know that if volcano erupt really badly, bad thing can happen to other countries, So the Pacific Ring of Fire is mixed with different volcano's from different countries like, New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia and much more!! There are a lot of Myths and Legends near each volcano.

I really enjoyed making descriptions for each volcano in my map. My Maps is a website that allows you to search what you are looking for and tells you were you can find what you are looking for and tells you information.

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Friday, 24 November 2017

School work reading group / DR.Seuss

Hello blogging world today I was at school and I was doing a project with my reading group.  My group was called Dr.Seuss. I think you guys heard about Dr.Seuss before. We made a poster for our group name. We where doing a Dr.Seuss poster. Here was out task.  

So our teacher wrote this down for us and we were really excited  to do the task . We made a poster and then we needed to do a whole presentation about our poster / Dr.Seuss poster and our lovely teacher took a video and here it is on a link.

 And now it is this task putting this on to my blog. Here was the task.

I hope you guys like it.

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Welcome back to the term I did some work!

Welcome to the term blogging world today I am going to share you my work and please leave a comment aright here it goes!!!

and he is my other work

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Friday, 29 September 2017

My reflection this term

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Today is the last day of the term and I want to share you a little video about my reflection this term enjoy!!!! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed it
PS: see you guys next term have fun sleeping in!!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What is collaboration?

Hello buddy of the internet, It is me Paris (of coarse) What is collaboration? Let my tell you today I did cyber smart and I am going to show you my work about collaboration. Please give my feedback on my work Thank you.

Thank you for looking at my work

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Friday, 1 September 2017

How to care for chicks

Hello blogging world,
I am going to share you my work how to care for chicks. Can you please comment on my work for feed back please!
LI: To write an explanation

How to care for chicks

Chicks are a type of bird that grows into a chicken. Chicks come from a fertilized egg- which is laid by a pullet.Hay Park School had the opportunity to take care for the fertilized egg for the first time! In this explanation I will tell you how to care for chicks (Fertilized egg).

The Incubator is a really warm machine that the fertilized egg goes in first and that is where the fertilized egg hatches after the fertilized eggs hatches you need to let the chicks fur dry. The Incubator is where eggs starts to hatch but why does the fertilized egg hatches in the incubator but now from a female chicken (which is called the female hen). Is this explanation I will tell you why the fertilized egg hatches in the Incubator. The fertilized egg hatches in the incubator because in the incubator it is very warm so that makes the eggs nice and moist and warm. Water + heat = humidity that's makes it really warm for the little chicks.

The brooder is a place where the chicks are going to live and staying there until Friday (well not this Friday). Inside the brooder you have to put some paper on the bottom and put some wood shavings for the chicks to walk on. On the left side there is a light bulb where the chicks get comfortable and warm because if the chicks get really cold they can go underneath the light bulb and stay warm overnight. The chicks like to drink water from the water bell and the like to eat their food in a bowl. You need to put a whole blow of food for them because they eat a lot  .Chicks are very cute and adorable when they are inside the brooder and they always look though the class and always look at the people and say to them self “who are these people? and why are we in a brooder” said the chicks. The chicks always stay s inside the brooder because it’s like there new home for them to live but they had to go to the farm because they are growing and growing and they need to go meet their parents who born them.

I hope you guys learned something how to care for chicks. Maybe some day this will come very useful.

I hope you guys learned something bye blogging world!

Friday, 18 August 2017

All about toolkit

In the morning I went to toolkit ( in Miss Fortes’s car). I was really excited to go and meet new people.. We went to get our badges and then we went in the hall. We played with a little ball name a spero we had a race and the teachers were so funny. After it was morning tea and I was really scared because I didn't know anyone there.. The first I did we Pow Toon. It is a game where you make animation about anything and then the second time I went to do code-transfer fee. It is a code game when you code and make colors and shapes. And then it was lunch time it was so much fun I meet some of my old friends and played with new people. The we went in the hall again and then we did a game called the problem solving game. And then we had a lady pick out ours and my name was called out to get a prize and I got a chrome cast - 2..o and my friend got a spero and then we went back to school.
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