Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How much I love my dog and cat

Kia Ora blogging world 

I like Kitty's because they are the cutest thing in the world.I always like to go on my mums laptop and just listen to kitty sounds.I like puppy because  cutest thing in the world I just like to play with my toy poodle at my house sometimes when I give my dog some treats she sometimes dose tricks when i give her a treat.When I am at home when it is night time I always look out the side door at my house.when I listen to music my mum picks up my dog and she lets my dog dance sometimes in the morning  and sometimes at night .I wish I can sow you bloggers my dog and my cat.The most thing I love about them is that I love my dog doing tricks and I love my cat protecting the house.My cat is older than my dog my dog is younger but I am the younger's in my family.

Here is a link to see my picture of me   

Bye from Paris

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  1. Kia Ora (hello) Paris
    Great work you must really like cats and dogs.I love cats and dogs to they are my favorite tips of animal.What is you dogs name and your cats name.Maybe next time you could make your writing a bit bigger so it is easy a to read.
    from larissa.